Can A Driver Be Held Liable For A Car Accident Even Though He Was Blinded By The Sun?

Unfortunately, many people use the sun’s harsh rays as an excuse for their careless and negligent driving behavior. Every motorist who drives in South Florida should be aware of the sun’s glare and take actions to prevent being in a car accident. For example, maybe a driver was driving too fast, and traveling at unsafe speeds during harsh sunlight. That could have been a bad combination that resulted in a car accident.

When the sun’s glare is intense, drivers should be driving slowly and using extreme caution. Every driver has a duty to drive safely and obey the traffic laws—only traveling as fast as the posted speed limits or the conditions at the time allowed. When it is foggy or rainy, drivers should drive slower just like they should when the sun’s rays are intense.

Drivers who cause traffic collisions and blame the sun’s glare should be held liable for the accident. Although the sun’s rays can pose a serious driving danger, drivers should wear sunglasses, have clean windshields, and drive safely to avoid crashing during conditions like these.

When drivers are tailgating, speeding, or are participating in distracted driving, they are putting innocent lives at risk and can be found liable in the event of a Florida car accident. If a driver isn’t paying close attention, isn’t wearing sunglasses, and has a dirty windshield, he or she should be held accountable for a crash. Drivers can take steps to reduce the effects of the sun’s rays. When they fail to take such steps, they should be held responsible.

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