As A Victim In A Drunk Driving Crash Will I Be Treated The Same As Victims In Other Crashes, Or Will The Insurance Company Have More Pity On Me And Treat Me Differently?

Although the insurance adjuster you may speak with regarding your case might sound sympathetic and that he or she has pity on you and what happened to you, the insurance adjuster has been trained to treat every case as a financial figure. Because of this, most insurance adjusters will treat all accident victims the same.

While insurance adjusters know that victims of drunk driving accidents aren’t at fault in crashes caused by their insured, the drunk driver, they will always look to pin some of the blame on the other driver. Unfortunately, even victims of Florida drunk driving accidents will have to negotiate to get the compensation they deserve.

While we know that you shouldn’t be treated the same as other drivers, insurance companies will do just that. This is why you need someone on your side who understands personal injury claims and who has helped other drunk driving victims get the compensation they deserve.

Contact the offices of attorney David Benenfeld if you’ve been a victim of a driver who was driving drunk. We can help make sure you are compensated for your pain and losses.