Are radiation claims handled in the same way as other workers’ comp claims?

Often times the handling of a radiation injury claim starts out differently than a normal occupational injury. This is because the workers’ comp administration has victims with radiation claims list their injuries on the occupational disease form and not on the occupational injury form. This means radiation injury claims are viewed as occupational diseases and not traumatic injuries.

In order to receive benefits for an occupational disease, workers have to prove a few things:

  • The occupational disease has to be confirmed by medical testing.
  • The occupational disease must be associated with the victim’s occupation.
  • The cause of the occupational disease must be supported by showing radiation is or was present at the workplace.

Most radiation claims are handled just like any other work-related injury. But whether a radiation injury claim is looked at as an occupational injury or an occupational disease claim, injured workers need to know they have rights to medical care and partial or total wage loss. Also, radiation victims are entitled to disfigurement and permanent disability, if applicable.

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