Are Insurance Companies Evil?

Insurance companies, like any other business, exist to make a profit, so their goal on every claim is to pay as little as possible, whereas our goal as attorneys representing the client is to get as much as possible for the claim. Therefore, whether or not insurance companies should be considered evil depends on the person’s viewpoint and on how the insurance adjuster evaluates the claim.

Some insurance companies are notorious for approaching an accident victim immediately after an accident and offering a couple hundred dollars to settle. Whether or not this was evil depends on perspective; if they are strapped for cash, and decided to accept a small amount of money to sign a release, who’s at fault? If a person is the victim of an accident and they decide to sign away all rights the next day, before they know the extent of their injuries, because the insurance company offered them some money, it’s understandable, but is it all the insurance company’s fault?

Not everyone knows they’re seriously injured in the first day or two after an accident; some injuries may not even show up for a couple of days or even a week after an accident, so when an insurance company offers you some money to settle a claim immediately, they are trying to save themselves some money. Each person has to draw their own conclusion regarding their opinion about insurance companies, but they should talk to a lawyer before signing on the dotted line and taking a check.

If you’ve been in an accident, it can be complicated to work things out fairly with insurance companies. Contact us for help navigating through the insurance and legal systems. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.