Another Driver Hit My Car And Caused My Injuries. He Said That The Heavy Rains Caused Him Not To See My Car And Is Blaming Me As Well And The Weather For This Accident. Is He Responsible?

A: Unfortunately, inclement weather has played a part in a number of Florida car accidents, and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about 15,000 auto accidents in Florida per year occur on wet roads. Bad weather makes for poor road and driving conditions.

When heavy rains fall, it can cause wet roads that affect a driver’s braking distance. Also, torrential downpours can cause a driver not to see the road clearly. Although the driver may think that this accident was not his fault because of the bad weather conditions, he may be responsible.

In order for us to determine your rights, we would need to discuss your case in detail to get a better understanding of your accident specifics. You may have rights to pursue a Florida personal injury claim and recover damages for your medical expenses, lost income, ongoing medical care, physical therapy and more.

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