A driver hit my car in the rear and he said his advanced brakes should have stopped his car from hitting me. Can I pursue a claim against the automaker?

While advanced braking systems including crash imminent braking and dynamic brake support are safety technologies that help drivers avoid rear-end crashes, technically speaking, they are parts on a vehicle that can fail. Unfortunately, many parts on vehicles have failed to work as intended or have proven to be defective and have led to Florida crashes. This is why automakers continually send out recall notices encouraging customers to come in and get their cars fixed and warning them of a potentially dangerous situation.

While the driver behind you may have thought his car has the technology to avoid a rear-end collision, it might be possible that he was confused about what his car can and cannot do. Also, it is up to every driver to drive safely and avoid crashes. For this reason, your claim will most likely be against the driver who hit you. However, if it is determined that the braking technology in the other driver’s car failed and was defective, you may be able to pursue a claim for damages from the car manufacturer.

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