If your loved one took a job working for the Department of Transportation (DOT) or another company that does roadside work or any type of work around moving motor vehicles, you probably worried about them every day as you know all it takes is one driver to drive distracted or make a poor decision and kill your loved one.

Sadly, that day came and you received the news that your family member was killed while working along the road. How could this be? You know your loved one was wearing the safety equipment he was supposed to while working on the highway, so why was he killed? Unfortunately, there could be many reasons why your husband, father, or relative was killed, including:

  • The construction zone might not have been labeled properly and there wasn’t the proper warning signs in place to let traffic know highway workers were on the side of the road.
  • The driver who hit your loved one might have been driving distracted and texting, emailing, or updating a social media profile.
  • The driver who killed your family member could have been driving drunk or impaired by drugs.
  • The driver who hit your loved one could have been driving drowsy.
  • The driver who killed your relative could have suffered a medical emergency.
  • The car who hit your family member could have been affected by a manufacturing defect.

While poor signage or a defect could have been the cause of your loved one’s death, most highway workers die on the job due to negligent drivers. When drivers don’t get the proper sleep and don’t pay full attention to the road ahead, they can cross over the fog line and drive down the shoulder of the road. All it takes is for a driver to veer over to the side of the road for a couple seconds and an innocent person can die as a result.

If your loved one was killed while working on the highway, you need to pursue justice and just compensation. More than likely you will be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim in Florida. To learn about your rights to compensation and how much your claim is worth, you need to speak with an experienced wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.

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