Tools, equipment and machinery may be necessary to complete your job and accomplish your tasks efficiently; however, when poorly designed tools and defective machinery or equipment is used, on-the-job accidents in Florida may occur.

The following is a list of workers who are at higher risk for suffering a work accident related to defective machinery due to the nature of their work:

  • Utility workers
  • Construction workers
  • Factory workers
  • Warehouse workers

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury in South Florida, it is possible that a defective or unsafe tool was the cause. If you believe this to be the case, the manufacturer of the product may be responsible for your injuries, and the Law Offices of David Benenfeld may be able to help you connect the product in question to your injury.

In addition to filing a Florida workers’ compensation claim for your injury, you may also be able to pursue a product liability lawsuit due to the defective product. In order to have a product defect lawsuit, one of three things must be determined:

  •  There was a defect in design – even at the product’s earliest stage, it was unsafe due to the poor design; however, it was manufactured anyway.
  • There was a defect during the manufacturing – during the assembly of the equipment or product, and something went wrong.
  • There was a defect in marketing – when poor instructions or a failure to warn of potential dangers weren’t included with the product, the end user was not adequately warned.

To ensure that no one else has to suffer like you did, you should hold the negligent manufacturer, designer, or supplier responsible through a product liability lawsuit. A South Florida workers’ compensation attorney can help you file your paperwork to start receiving your workers’ comp benefits as well as help you gain additional compensation through a defective product lawsuit.

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