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“David and his staff were always there for me to answer any questions I had on my case. Whenever I had a problem, they took care of it and made it all right. I got a wonderful settlement and I am super happy, I am so happy that I referred his services to my sister.”

“I’m very happy and satisfied by all the work done by Mr. Benenfeld and his team. I hired him to help me with my workers comp case. I regret not knowing him before. His work was very smooth and he always kept me informed. His team is amazing and helped me out in every stage of my case. I will always keep his number to reach out to him for any concern, any future accidents and to give out to all my friends.”
~Angela R.

“I hired Mr. Benenfeld to help me with a Workers’ Compensation case. I’m very happy with the results and thankful for the services and I will highly recommend him to friends and family in need.”
~Jose Juan A.

“I hired Mr. Benenfeld to help me on my workers’ compensation case. He settled it within one month of my signing up with him. He even helped me get an advance on my funds which was totally great. I was very happy with how quickly it was resolved and the money I received. I would recommend David Benenfeld to everyone.”

“El abogado me ayudo con un caso de compensacion de trabajadores! me encanto su trabajo y estoy muy contenta con los resultados! lo recomendare a todos mis amigos y familia!!!”
~Yakelin F.

“David made things very clear and I was very satisfied with the service given to me. I felt like family instead of a client. They were heartwarming and actually treated me like family. They explained the law to me so that I understood it and never rushed me off the phone or out of his office. They were caring and compassionate. I would highly recommend their services and give them a 10 out of a 10!”

“I hired David Benenfeld for my slip and fall case thank you so much for all you have done. I loved the professionalism and the amazing help I received!”
~Olga M.

“I hired The Law Office of David M. Benenfeld for my personal injury case, I think he did a great job with everything.”

“Me and my family hired Mr. Benenfeld to handle a personal injury claim for us. The claim was handled promptly and with great customer service. He stayed in touch, kept us updated to keep our mind at ease to let us know that everything was going well. If you ever need a personal injury lawyer, call David Benenfeld and you will be happy with results.”

“I hired Mr. Benenfeld to help me for my workers’ compensation case. The staff was very efficient and friendly. He worked his best to get the compensation that my case required. I highly recommend his office for his legal services.”

“I hired Mr. Benenfeld to help me with my automobile accident case. I was really happy with the results of my case. Mr. Benenfeld kept me informed at every step of the way and made the impossible possible. I would highly recommend Mr. Benenfeld to all my friends and family.”

“I hired David Benenfeld in November 2013 and he finished my case very fast. I was really happy with the results. I couldn’t be happier. He always kept us informed and always returned my calls and answered any questions that I had. Me and my family thank him and his staff.”

“I hired Mr. Benenfeld and he finished my case very quickly. He was very honest and made me very comfortable in settling my case. I was VERY PLEASED with my results!”

“I have no words other than say, thank you from me and my family. A profesional who cares and understands his clients.”

“I was very pleased my results! Very, very pleased!!!”

“Whenever I called the office, I was always able to get hold of someone to answer my questions. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. I was very pleased with the end result and would strongly recommend Mr. Benenfeld to everyone!”

I had a wonderful experience with this office. It started when I had a car accident and the person left the scene. I contacted Mr. Benenfeld and he was great and helped me through everything. Always can count on him and his office. Did a great job for me and my family! Thank you for caring. I would not trust anyone else!
~Beatriz Forbes