When a serious illness or injury makes your financial future appear bleak, you can apply for social security disability insurance.

While you may be familiar with some disability benefits, you may be surprised to hear about some of these qualifying conditions:

  • If you are blind or have low vision, you may qualify for benefits. A trained attorney can help you navigate the system and get you the benefits you are entitled to.
  • If your spouse has passed away and you’ve lived long enough, then you may qualify for benefits.
  • Wounded warriors may also qualify for benefits if the disability occurred after Oct. 1, 2001.

To apply for social security disability benefits, you must provide evidence and arguments, much like a trial. While you would never think of going to trial without an attorney, applying for disability benefits falls along the same lines. The Law Offices of David M. Benefeld are committed to helping you every step of the way. We guarantee superior service and a team that will help you get the benefits you deserve.

Source: MorgueFile