With summer approaching, we will see an increase in the number of bicyclists on the road.  This also means there will be an increase in the number of bicycling accidents. Perhaps the most common causes of Broward County bicycling accidents are due to nothing more than a lack of awareness of your surroundings.

ILS-Nursing-Abuse-250x190Inattentiveness is not the only cause of bicycling accidents. It doesn’t matter whether you are the bicyclist or the driver of a vehicle, there are still ways you can be more proactive when you are on the road to make sure you are less likely to get involved in a bicycle/vehicle collision.  Some other common causes of Broward County bicycling accidents include:

Failure to yield properly at T-intersections and roundabouts– which can be confusing enough for vehicles without adding bicycles to the mix.

  • Failure to exercise patience when commuting to or from work during rush hour.  Morning and afternoon rush hours are the most dangerous time of day for bicyclists, because the number of bicycles and vehicles on the road is greatly increased and people are often in more of a hurry than when they are leisurely driving to or from their destination.
  • Failure to look in all directions before executing a maneuver, whether you’re the bicyclist or the vehicle driver.

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Image Source: Wikimedia