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What Misconceptions Do People Have About The Workers’ Compensation Process?

One of the main misconceptions that people have is that the accident must be the employers’ fault in order for them to receive benefits. However, you can receive benefits when the accident is your own fault, and you can receive benefits when the accident is the employer’s fault doesn’t really matter.

Can Employers be Accused of Creating an Unsafe Working Environment?

They can be accused of creating an unsafe work environment. The question here is: how do you punish them?

Under workers’ compensation law, unfortunately, no mechanism exists to punish them for creating that unsafe work environment, barring unusual circumstances.

Is it Easy to Get Workers’ Compensation in Florida?

Under Florida law, workers’ compensation is meant to be self-executing. This means that when you get hurt, the employers are supposed to provide you with doctors and medical care to allow you to feel better and to pay you while you recuperate.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen employers or the insurance companies not do the right thing, time and time again. They deny benefits when they shouldn’t deny benefits. They tell people which specific doctor to see, which often isn’t the best doctor. This doctor will say everything’s fine.

Sometimes, they’re supposed to be paid money while they’re recuperating, and they never get their checks. Sometimes, they’re supposed to be getting paid their mileage expenses for traveling to and from the doctors, and nobody even tells them about it. They can’t receive reimbursement, and they can’t get their prescriptions filled.

These are just some of the difficulties that people have with these claims. This is where we come in. We’re able to help people with these things and get lump sum settlements on their cases.

Are People Ever Hesitant About Hiring You Because They Have Some Wrong Belief?

People sometimes are hesitant for a few reasons. Often, they’re hesitant because they don’t want their employer to know that they’ve actually sought out help.

Sometimes, people are hesitant because they’re afraid that they were at fault in the accident. They don’t understand that it really doesn’t matter if they’re at fault or not.

Alternately, they’ve never filed a claim before, and they’re nervous about it. They’re afraid that if they walk into the door and talk with me, they’ll be charged hourly. Of course, we don’t do this.

We’re entirely contingency fee-based. This means that if we don’t get them any money, they don’t pay us a dime. If we don’t get them a settlement, they don’t pay us.

Really, there is no reason not to consult with us. We guide people and make sure their cases run smoothly. We make sure they get all possible benefits that they’re entitled to under the law. We ultimately help them get a lump sum settlement, if possible.

Do Most Cases Reach a Quick Settlement, or Does the Workers’ Comp Insurance Complicate Things?

This really depends on what the injuries are. If the injuries are nothing major or “livable”, for lack of a better word, and they want to settle their cases very quickly, then we can settle quickly. There are other people who say, “I really need the medical care right now.  Let me stabilize and see how well I heal.”

It really depends on the case. It depends on how the insurance companies respond, as well. Most insurance companies will deny something along the way. They’ll deny an MRI or the ability to go to a different doctor. Alternately, they’ll give somebody the wrong amount of money for their indemnity checks, or they won’t send the injured person their checks on time or at all.

Having a workers’ compensation case is not an easy thing. That’s why we’re here.

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