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Travelers Insurance Workers’ Compensation Claims Lawyer

Lawyer for Travelers Insurance Workers’ Compensation Claims Serving Sunrise, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach, FL

If you were injured on the job in South Florida, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, insurance companies like Travelers make it extremely difficult for injured workers to secure the benefits they deserve. Attorney David M. Benenfeld has over a decade of experience taking on the insurance companies and can help you secure just compensation.

In Florida, workers’ compensation is a “no-fault” system. That means it is supposed to be self-executing: You get hurt, and your employer (or its insurance company) pays the benefits required by law.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the way it works in real life. Most employers purchase workers’ compensation insurance through Travelers or another major insurer, and this means that injured workers are left to fend for themselves if they want to collect the benefits to which they are legally entitled.

But, if you have been injured at work, you do not have to pursue your workers’ compensation claim on your own. At The Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A., we have over a decade of experience representing clients in workers’ compensation claims involving Travelers and other major insurance companies throughout South Florida. We know what your claim means to you, and we know what it takes to win. If you are entitled to benefits, we will not stop fighting until you have recovered the benefits that you deserve.

Are You Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Under Florida’s “no-fault” workers’ compensation system, the vast majority of employees are entitled to benefits when they get injured on the job. Due to the “no-fault” nature of the system, you do not need to be able to prove that your employer was negligent in order to recover benefits. If you are an employee (not an independent contractor) and you were injured while working, there is a strong chance that you are entitled to benefits under the law.

Some common examples of work-related incidents that can justify workers’ compensation claims include:

  • Straining your back while lifting
  • Falling down the stairs
  • Slamming your finger in a drawer
  • Suffering overuse injuries (such as carpal tunnel syndrome) over an extended period of time
  • Being injured in a vehicle collision

What Should You Do if Your Employer Has Travelers Insurance?

If your employer has Travelers workers’ compensation insurance, it is strongly in your best interests to hire an experienced attorney. Like all insurance companies, Travelers routinely denies claims when injured workers fail to jump through all of the hoops and collect all of the evidence needed to support a successful claim. While the insurance adjusters may act like they are on your side, the reality is that they are getting paid to make sure that you receive as little as possible for your workers’ compensation claim.

How can an attorney help? Simply put, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to handle all aspects of your claim on your behalf. This includes making sure that you file your claim properly and on time, helping you avoid common mistakes, and negotiating effectively for a lump sum award that provides the money you need to move on with your life. One of the biggest issues employees face is not knowing how much they have lost. At The Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A., we can make sure that you do not unknowingly settle for less than you deserve.

What Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available in Florida?

In Florida, injured workers can recover three primary types of benefits through workers’ compensation. These are:

  • Medical benefits to cover your doctor visits, physical therapy, and other treatment-related expenses.
  • Mileage benefits to cover the cost of getting to and from the doctor’s office.
  • Disability benefits to replace a portion of the income that you are unable to earn as a result of your injury.

But, again, it’s not like you can just sit back and wait for a check to come in the mail. The insurance companies would never make it that easy. To get the help you need to recover the benefits to which you are legally entitled, contact The Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A. for a free strategy session today.

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Attorney David M. Benenfeld represents injured employees in Sunrise, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, and throughout South Florida. If you are dealing with Travelers for your workers’ compensation claim, Mr. Benenfeld can help you seek the benefits that you deserve. To get started with your free strategy session, tell us about your injury online or call (954) 677-0155 today.

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