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Information Guide For The Auto Accident Victim

Car accidents happen every day and usually come as a complete surprise. One moment you’re driving along as usual, the next moment a violent impact leaves you dazed, confused, in pain, and perhaps severely injured. Many people are so stunned following an auto accident that they simply don’t know what to do.


This booklet will prove invaluable if you are involved in a car accident. Designed to be stored in your glove compartment, it describes in plain, simple language what you should do and say, what you must not do and say, the information you need to gather from the other driver, how to speak with the other driver and police, and much more. The booklet also contains a form you can use to make sure you’ve done everything you need to do immediately after the accident to protect your interests and maximize your chances of obtaining compensation for damages to your vehicle and bodily injuries.

Information Guide For The Auto Accident Victim
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