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An Overview Of Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security CardFt. Lauderdale, FL Social Security Disability Attorney

You can prepare for a lot of things in life. You can put money away for college for your kids or your own retirement fund. You can buy insurance policies for your health, car, house and life.

But there isn’t any way to prepare for a serious, life-altering injury or disease.

  • What happens if you receive an injury or develop a disease that leaves you paralyzed, or unable to work, or unable to continue the job that you’ve done for your entire life?
  • What happens if the insurance policy covers the medical expenses and very little else?
  • What happens if you have to bring time consuming legal action against the insurers in order to get them to live up to their obligations?
  • How are you going to live? How are you going to feed your family?

David Benenfeld: Social Security Disability Lawyer Everyone recognizes Social Security as the government sponsored safety net for Americans that retire. We all contribute to it every time we receive a paycheck or fill out our tax returns. But while everyone is contributing to it, not everyone is aware that it is meant to protect more than just the elderly or the retired.

The Social Security Administration offers disability benefits (called Social Security Disability Insurance) for those that were severely injured and left unable to work. The spouse and children of the injured are also eligible to receive financial aid.

Many injured Americans are hesitant to apply for benefits because they feel that there is a stigma attached. It’s important to remember that Social Security Disability Insurance is not welfare. It’s an insurance policy that you have been paying for ever since you started earning a paycheck. It isn’t charity any more than the Social Security benefits that elderly Americans receive every month.

The process for applying for these benefits can be lengthy and confusing, and is certainly not something that an injured person or their family members are up to dealing with. To make matters more difficult, the Social Security Administration can be very strict and sometimes short-sighted when it comes to issuing benefits. Almost seventy percent of the initial applications for Social Security Disability Benefits are denied. Having an SSDI attorney to help you as you navigate through the process and the paperwork can not only increase your chances of success, but can also possibly secure lump sum benefits if your claim was initially denied.

Applying for Social Security disability is actually very similar to a trial, complete with evidence and arguments. You wouldn’t think of going to trial without the aid of an SSDI lawyer, and you should view the disability application process the same way.

David Benenfeld has the experience and knowledge of Social Security Disability law necessary to help you obtain the assistance you need during this difficult process. He has assisted injured Floridians in filing and getting Social Security Disability Benefits for more than a decade. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or fallen victim to a disease, contact our offices for a free case assessment today.

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