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Top 3 Truck Vehicle Violations that Can Cause Crashes

You probably drive next to big rigs and other large commercial trucks on a daily basis. It seems like there are more and more large trucks on our roads. Although they are necessary for delivering the products we purchase at stores, they are also intimidating to drive near. This is because they are huge and hard to see around, they weight a lot, and they have large blind spots that make it hard for truck drivers to see smaller cars.… Read More

Distracted Walking Is Causing Pedestrian Accidents

Have you seen YouTube videos of people walking along distracted by their phones when all of a sudden they walk into signs or fall into fountains? While it may seem like a funny scene in a movie, it is anything but funny when a pedestrian is injured while walking down the street. Unfortunately, some pedestrians are causing their own accidents and injuries as a result of using their mobile devices. Most people have a hard time ignoring their phones because… Read More

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month Shines the Light on the Dangers of Drunk Driving

It’s a scary thought, but every day drunk drivers are on the road. In fact, about 30 people die each day across this nation in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. Shockingly, this information means that one person dies every 51 minutes, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Unfortunately, alcohol-related crashes that lead to injuries and fatalities continue to occur. These statistics is why it is important to focus on the fact that December… Read More

Defective Brakes Could Have Caused the Truck Crash that Caused Your Injuries

There is no doubt that truck crashes are tragic accidents that produce very serious catastrophic injuries. While many truck wrecks are caused by drowsy driving and distracted driving, other crashes are caused due to defective truck parts. Because large commercial trucks weigh a lot and have the capability of producing tragic outcomes in wrecks, it is critical that trucks are kept up and maintained in order to reduce the chances of causing a crash due to defective parts. One common… Read More

Is Your GM Vehicle at Risk for a Car Fire?

People get into their vehicles every day to drive to work, the grocery store, mall, or pick up their kids. They trust their cars to get them to their destinations safely. And while there is always the risk of crashing every time a driver gets behind the wheel, no driver ever considers the possibility of a car fire. Sadly, car fires claim innocent lives every year. Sometimes a fire can erupt following a car wreck, but in other circumstances, the… Read More

Compression Fractures Could Be the Result of Premises Liability Negligence

Maybe you were in a grocery store, big box store, department store, or a hotel and you fell hard on your buttocks. Unfortunately, embarrassment isn’t the only thing you may walk away with. You may have noticed your back was hurting after the slip and fall accident. Instead of brushing the pain off or assuming it will go away, it is important to know that you could be suffering from a spinal compression fracture. What Is a Spinal Compression Fracture?… Read More

What Families Should Know During Teens Don’t Text and Drive Week

Did you know that car crashes are the number one cause of death for teens in this nation? Sadly, most of these teen car crashes are needless and could have been prevented if drivers weren’t texting or distracted at the wheel in other ways. While distracted driving is a nationwide problem affecting all age groups, teens are the most vulnerable since they are new drivers. In 2013, ten percent of drivers between the ages of 15-19 were reported distracted at… Read More

Can I Get Workers’ Comp Benefits for a Stress-Related Injury at Work?

Most people who work feel stressed from time to time — whether it’s a big project that could mean a raise or a presentation that causes stress and worry. While some people may think their jobs are stressful or they have moments of stress in their workdays, others actually experience physical injuries due to the high demands and stress of their jobs. It is important to note that Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws do not provide benefits for workers who are… Read More

Can New Car Safety Features Harm Instead of Help Motorists?

Have you purchased a new vehicle lately or are shopping for one? Maybe you have heard about all the new technological features that car manufacturers are putting in their vehicles and are intrigued or overwhelmed at the thought of more in-vehicle technology. While some technologies are helping drivers avoid crashes, such as blind spot monitoring and collision warning systems, other in-car technologies can leave drivers bewildered. Although some of the new technologies sound impressive and can help improve safety on… Read More

When Bedsores Are Left Untreated: 5 Complications Can Happen

Many residents who reside at nursing homes are often bedridden or live most of the day in their wheelchairs. As a result, nursing home residents are at high risk for developing bedsores (also known as pressure sores or ulcers) on their back, hips, ankles, heels, and elbows. This is because the pressure on these areas of the body often go unrelieved when they are pressed against a bed or wheelchair all day. Sadly, bedsores are a problem in nursing homes… Read More