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You Slipped and Fell at a Large Chain. Don’t Let that Intimidate You

If you suffered a slip and fall at a large chain restaurant, let’s say, or a huge employer such as Wal-Mart, Target, Olive Garden, McDonalds, etc., they do have lawyers, but guess what? You do too. The fact that they have a lawyer really shouldn’t go into your evaluation of whether or not you should pursue a claim at all. If you’ve been hurt and you’ve suffered an accident, then absolutely you should pursue your claim. I’ve handled cases against… Read More

How to Know if Your Slip and Fall Case is Worth Pursuing?

If you’ve had a slip and fall and the floor was wet or there was a raised piece of sidewalk or a broken piece of sidewalk, for example, or the lighting wasn’t adequate or there was a slippery substance on the ground, you absolutely owe it to yourself to pursue the claim. The only way you can find out whether or not it’s worth pursuing is by getting a medical examination to see what’s wrong with you. If you go… Read More

What Are the Top Misconceptions People Have About Medical Malpractice Cases?

Some of the top misconceptions people have about medical malpractice claims is that they are afraid to pursue them because they don’t want to hurt anybody and what they don’t realize is unless they pursue a claim, ultimately they are going to hurt themselves. They need to pursue the claim to make sure of a few things. One, the doctor may have a pattern or the clinic or the hospital may have a pattern of doing certain things and unless… Read More

Why Do Both People and Attorneys Become Hesitant to Pursue a Medical Malpractice Case?

People are hesitant to pursue medical malpractice cases because they are afraid of hurting the doctor. Sometimes, for example, they get misdiagnosed and because they have been going to the same doctor for 15, 20 years and they just feel bad about it. If somebody fails to diagnose you and you are going to be left with something that can’t be fixed any longer or because of their failure to diagnose you, you now have to undergo surgery that you… Read More

The First Step You Should Take for Your Pending Medical Malpractice Case.

If you believe that you have a medical malpractice claim, the first thing you should do is actually contact a lawyer, tell them why you feel that you have a medical malpractice claim and gather the medical records and present that to your lawyer. A lot of times the lawyer may have to gather those medical records as well. Those medical records are then put together and after they are analyzed, the attorney then will send them off to a… Read More

Top Examples of Medical Malpractice

Some of the more common examples of medical malpractice claims are when somebody goes in for surgery on their right knee, for example, and they operate on the left knee, or they go in for an operation and the doctor leaves the instrumentation inside or they will tell you that they are going to do a certain kind of operation and they do a different operation or they go in to do an operation and it’s supposed to be a… Read More

Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Medical Malpractice Case

It’s very difficult when you have a medical malpractice claim to choose the right attorney for you, because everybody always tells you that this attorney is the best attorney and the next day you’ll meet somebody else and they will tell you that they have the best attorney. So the best thing to do when you have a medical malpractice claim is interview an attorney and find out what they know about your particular kind of claim and if they… Read More

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is horrific when it happens to you, your family or your friends and it tends to be something that people try to ignore because they always feel that the doctors may know best when in reality, a lot of times, the doctors don’t. They are human like anybody else. Even though, they might try with their best of intentions to do things, accidents do happen and wrong diagnoses are made and injuries, sometimes catastrophic injuries, and even death… Read More

What Should You Ask Your Lawyer About Your Motorcycle Accident Case?

When you’ve had an accident, the questions that you should ask your attorney is basically what kind of insurance is available for you and your injuries, for the damage to your motorcycle and for the damage to you. There are different sections to insurance policies and you want to be sure that whatever those sections are, that they apply to you specifically for the damage to your motorcycle and also for your injuries. The other thing you should ask your… Read More

Why do Some People Hesitate to Pursue their Motorcycle Accident Case?

Some people hesitate in pursuing their automobile case for numerous reasons. One, there is a misconception that just because they have an accident, that they have to see the doctors all the time and they have to quit their job and that is definitely a misconception. There is no reason to quit your job. There is no reason to lose your job just because you have a car accident. Second, a lot of people are under the misconception that if… Read More

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