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Should I see a doctor if I’m having nightmares after a car crash?

Many people suffer from flashbacks or experience nightmares following a car crash. While some of this is normal and is only temporary, other people end up suffering from nightmares and feelings of fear and anxiety for a long time. Because you don’t know if you are in the group of people who will experience these nightmares temporarily or long-term, it is always wise to seek medical attention. Nightmares and frequent flashbacks of a car wreck could indicate Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder… Read More

What Are Some Things I Should Ask My Lawyer in Regards to My Slip-and-Fall Case?

The things that you should ask your lawyer if you’ve had a slip-and-fall case is if they have ever handled these kind of claims before. How long they anticipate it might take for your claim to be over. In addition to that, if there are any medical payments that are available from the other side because of your slip and fall, and medical payments is a portion of an insurance policy which will pay a portion of your medical bills… Read More

What’s the Best Kind of Lawyer to Get For a Slip-and-Fall Case?

The best kind of a lawyer to get for a slip-and-fall case is an attorney that does personal injury and has handled slip-and-fall claims before. You don’t want a general attorney. In addition to that, you want to hire somebody that you actually talk to that understands what has happened to you, that you connect with, and that will actually listen to you, empathize with you, somebody that you actually feel is going to help you. The best answer I… Read More

How Can Social Media Ruin Your Slip-and-Fall Case?

Social media can destroy any case, whether it’s a slip-and-fall case, an automobile accident case, a wrongful death claim, a work related accident, any kind of claim whatsoever. A lot of people seem to post on social media things that they are doing and things that they think are fun. For example, if you are on social media and you are going to a party and at that party you are drinking a beer and you are dancing around and… Read More

What Not to Do After Your Slip and Fall?

After you’ve had a slip-and-fall accident, you should never give any kind of tape-recorded or written statements to anyone. Certainly, you can document how an accident happened, but as far as giving any kind of written or tape-recorded statements, you absolutely should not. The second thing you should not do is not go and see a doctor. A lot of times after somebody has a slip-and-fall accident, they say to themselves, “Listen, I have some back pain, but I’ll be… Read More

Is My Slip-and-Fall Case Going to Take Years to Finish? Is it Even Worth It?

Slip-and-fall claims depend on what your injuries are. As a general rule, if you’ve had a slip-and-fall claim and you have a soft tissue injury, which means you don’t have any broken bones, you don’t need surgery and you have conservative medical care, the doctors usually can finish with you with physical therapy anywhere between three to six months. At that point, a settlement proposal can be made to the other side, so as a general rule, you can be… Read More

Guess What? Slip-and-Fall Cases Don’t Only Happen to Older People

Slip-and-fall cases can happen to anybody. Whether you’re young or whether you’re old or whether you are in the middle, it can happen to everybody because the reality is that when you walk, especially if you’re in a store or a public place, your eyes really are not trained to look towards the ground. Most of the time, we look straight ahead and you might be looking at shelves or you might be looking at items to purchase on those… Read More

Some Common Misconceptions About Slip-and-Fall Cases

Some of the common misconceptions about slip-and-fall cases are that when people slip and fall, they say, “It’s my fault. No big deal” and then they run off all embarrassed and find out the next day that they really have a lot of pain. Once you’ve had a slip and fall, the most important thing to do, and there are numerous things, is, one, take pictures of the area where you fell. Pretty much everyone these days has a cellphone… Read More

I May Not Ever Be Able to Walk or Work the Same Way Again. How Will I Get Compensated?

For most people that have significant incidents or significant trip and falls, and each person is different, it usually leaves them with a residual that they have for the rest of their life. You get compensated by filing your claim against the negligent party or the entity that caused the accident and after analysis of what your medical issues are, after analysis of how the accident happened, after analysis of what your lost wages will be, what your pain and… Read More

I Slipped and Fell. How Much is An Attorney Going to Cost?

If you’ve had a slip and fall, my office works entirely on a contingency fee basis, which means that if there is no recovery, you don’t pay a dime. Essentially, you have us working for you for free. We pay the costs upfront and, again, if there is no recovery, you don’t pay anything. Typically, we charge thirty-three and a third percent before a lawsuit is filed. If a lawsuit is filed, we charge forty percent and all of these… Read More

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