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Who should be held responsible when a nursing home resident is abused by another resident?

Liability for any abuse that occurs on the grounds of a nursing home facility should be placed with the nursing home. Nursing homes are supposed to have the proper security and protocols to be able to protect their residents. In addition, when nursing homes have enough staff on hand, abusive incidents between residents would quickly be defused. However, when nursing homes are understaffed and lack the proper security, abuse between residents is more likely to occur. As a result, nursing… Read More

How common of a problem is sexual abuse in Florida nursing homes?

According to a recent study by researchers at Cornell University, one in five nursing home residents were abused by other residents in some form, such as physical abuse, verbal abuse, and sexual abuse. Out of those abused by other residents, one percent were sexually abused at the hands of other residents. The truth of the matter is that sexual abuse in nursing homes most commonly occurs by other residents, and resident to resident sexual abuse is most common between residents… Read More

My teenage daughter was injured in an auto accident. Another driver was at fault; however, she sent a text message just moments before the crash at a stop light. Does she have a case?

The law in Florida bans texting while driving; however, cars that are stationary are not subject to the law. This means that if your daughter sent a text message while sitting at a red light or stopped in traffic, she complies with the law and probably has a valid personal injury claim for damages. Because the car accident involved a personal injury, your daughter’s cell phone records could be used by the other side as evidence to establish negligence on… Read More

What can I do as a teenager to try and get my friend to stop texting while driving?

Although it can be frightening to speak up and confront your friend about doing something dangerous, it is your life and future at stake. It’s important to take a stance on something like distracted driving because you can help make a difference and save your friend’s life, your own life, and even other innocent motorists sharing the road driving next to your friend. Here are a few ways you can help your friend realize she or he shouldn’t be texting… Read More

Why should I hire you instead of the lawyer advertising on TV?

There are many lawyers in the Fort Lauderdale area; however, not all attorneys are created equal. Before you hire any lawyer — whether they advertise on TV or not — you need to consider the following: How long has the lawyer been practicing personal injury law? Does the lawyer have experience in motorcycle accident claims? Has the attorney ever taken a case to trial? What is the lawyers past settlement results or jury verdicts in similar cases? What do past… Read More

Can I pursue a personal injury claim for my motorcycle accident injuries caused by a driver turning left in front of me?

You should have a valid legal claim if another driver pulled out in front of you or made a turn into your line of travel. This type of traffic accident is actually one of the most common motorcycle accidents involving other cars. Other drivers generally have a hard time seeing motorcycles or judging the distance and speed of motorcycles due to their small size. As a result, many drivers make left-hand turns into motorcycles or pull out of driveways into… Read More

How long will it take to settle a car accident claim involving an injury?

Because no two cases are the same, the answer to this question won’t be the same for everyone. While some cases can settle within weeks, others can take years. Typically, the cases that settle quickly are those in which people accept the insurance company’s first offer. If victims of auto accidents negotiate with the insurance company or get an attorney involved, the settlement process will be longer. During this time, the insurance company will want to review all of your… Read More

I was badly injured by a drunk driver and am still at the hospital. Shouldn’t I wait until my injuries heal to talk with a lawyer about my case?

While you shouldn’t accept a settlement offer until your injuries are healed and you know the full extent of your injuries, it is still wise to get a lawyer involved immediately. If you suffered serious injuries, your case is serious and a skilled lawyer will treat it that way. Although time can help heal injuries, time can also cause evidence to disappear and may make memories foggy. It is always best when you know you have a valid legal case… Read More

How should I be dealing with my grief and pain after losing my daughter in a crash caused by a drunk driver?

Grieving is a natural reaction to suffering the sudden death of a loved one. Anytime anyone loses someone they love, grief tends to follow. Although this is a normal response after losing someone you love, grieving may make you feel unlike yourself. You may be angry, devastated, emotionally numb, confused, depressed, and you may even have lower self-esteem. If you find yourself frequently crying or constantly thinking about the loss of your daughter, it is important to recognize that grief… Read More

When is death from a car accident considered “wrongful”?

Sometimes people die in collisions due to an unavoidable accident; however, other car crashes are no accident at all. In fact, careless, negligent and reckless drivers get behind the wheel every day — putting innocent people’s lives in danger. When a driver is driving recklessly, intoxicated, impaired by drugs, fatigued, or distracted, the death of an occupant is considered wrongful. When someone intentionally drives drunk and crashes into a car — killing an occupant — that driver can be held… Read More

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