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My son was injured while walking to a school bus stop because the stop is in a dangerous location. Who is responsible?

It is possible that the school district and school board are liable in this matter if they failed to provide a safe school bus stop. It is important that school buses stop in safe locations so that children aren’t put at risk and suffer needless injuries. On the other hand, if your child was injured as a pedestrian by a driver, it is possible the driver was negligent and is to blame. Sometimes drivers are texting, eating, talking on their… Read More

We know children can get injured on the way to school. What can we do to help our children stay safe?

There is a lot parents can do to equip their children for a safe journey to and from school. Here are some ways your children can avoid hazards, depending on the mode of transportation (i.e. taking the bus, walking to school, riding a bike to school). Taking the bus. The biggest concern when taking the bus is during the loading and unloading of students. To make sure your children are safe, talk to them about good bus safety, such as:… Read More

Do I have a legal case for my injuries even if I was driving a car I don’t own?

You should have a right to a legal case, even if you don’t own the car you were driving. If someone else caused the car accident, you can make a claim against that person’s insurance company for all your damages. Because cases can take a while and you may need to pay your medical bills, you might need to immediately file a claim for medical payments coverage with the owner of the car’s insurance company. If your injuries are serious,… Read More

Do I have legal rights after an accident while driving a rental car?

Just because you got into an accident while in a rental car doesn’t mean you don’t have any legal rights. You probably have coverage that you might not even be aware of, such as: Rental car coverage. You may have added some extra amount of insurance when you rented a car. Check your rental contract or call the rental car company to see what is and isn’t covered. Car insurance. If you have car insurance, you more than likely have… Read More

How much money can I get after a slip and fall injury caused me to suffer permanent range of motion loss in my shoulder?

Finding out the amount an injury claim is worth is one of the most common questions. While this is normal to want to know, the answer isn’t black and white. The worth of every slip and fall injury claim depends on the extent of the injury as well as the types of damages victims suffer. For example, a surgeon who needs his shoulder to perform operations properly may suffer an entire lifetime of lost wages due to permanent loss of… Read More

What should I do when a business owner told me I should have seen the hazard that caused my slip and fall accident?

Business owners will often say and do anything to limit their liability in slip and fall accidents. They don’t want to have to pay out any money or file a claim with their insurance carrier due for fear of a rate increase. As a result, some business owners may deny the hazardous condition or blame the victim for suffering a slip and fall injury on their property. When a business owner acts this way, you need to make sure you… Read More

What types of benefits am I entitled to after suffering an injury on the job?

After suffering an injury at work, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Florida. There are several different benefits that workers’ comp insurance covers, such as: Medical care expenses. This benefit should cover any medical care related to the injury you suffered on the job. Job displacement benefits. This benefit can help you enhance your work skills or be retrained in order to be able to return to work for your employer. Temporary disability benefits. This benefit kicks in… Read More

I have been having pains in my arm over the last several months, and just got it diagnosed as bursitis. What should I do to let my employer know the injury is from my job duties?

Many workers who use the same body parts to perform the same tasks over and over again often suffer from repetitive stress injuries, such as bursitis. In order to ensure that you receive benefits from your employer, you need to report your injury to your supervisor immediately. Even though you may have been feeling pain for several months and your injury developed over time, you have 30 days from when you learned about your injury (such as an official diagnosis)… Read More

How do I go about getting a witness to testify in my favor after my slip and fall accident at a movie theater?

Hopefully, you collected the witness’s name, phone number and address following your slip and fall accident. It’s a difficult thing to remember when you are likely embarrassed from falling and in pain. However, witnesses can add strength to your slip and fall injury claim and help you collect the compensation you deserve. If you have his or her information, you can ask the witness if he or she would be willing to provide a voluntary account of what happened. If… Read More

If I got hurt from falling on my neighbor’s property, does my neighbor’s insurance or my own insurance cover my injuries?

Your neighbor has a duty to keep his premises safe and hazard-free. If your neighbor failed to do so, or failed to repair a known hazard on his property, he could be liable for your injuries. This would mean that you could pursue an injury claim with his insurance company and collect financial compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and other damages that you suffered as a result of your injury. On the other hand, if your slip and… Read More

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