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Pursuing a Florida Wrongful Death Claim Against the Department of Transportation

Do you know how many ways car crashes can occur? While you may have heard about head-on collisions, rear-end wrecks and side-impact crashes, you may not realize that the driving force behind these types of collisions is driver negligence. Sadly, negligence on the part of drivers—even unintentional negligence—causes the majority of fatal wrecks that claim the lives of innocent motorists and pedestrians. However, sometimes drivers aren’t at fault for fatal car accidents in South Florida. Several roadway deaths, in fact,… Read More

Serious Burn Injuries Florida Truck Accident Victims Endure

When truck drivers fail to stop at red lights or stop signs, drive too many hours without sleeping, or drive impaired or distracted, other motorists suffer unnecessary injuries from their negligent decisions. While injuries can range from mild to severe, there is one type of injury that is always a serious injury. When someone suffers a burn injury after a crash with a truck, emergency medical care is almost always required. Because there are different types of burn injuries it… Read More

Challenges Older Drivers Have that Contribute to Auto Accidents in South Florida

Because Florida has a large retirement population, there are many elderly drivers on the road. While many older drivers are perfectly fit to drive safely, there are some who should give up their car keys for their safety and the safety of others sharing the road with them. While many older drivers already know their limitations and avoid driving at night due to their failing eye sight or on the highway at high speeds because of their slower reactions, many… Read More

Slip and Fall Claims Are About More than Money

Every day when we get up in the morning, we put one foot on the ground followed by the other, assuming we will stay on our feet throughout the day. But sometimes things beyond our control occur that cause us to slip and fall. When a fall takes place, it can change everything due to the following injuries: •    Herniated disc •    Hip fracture •    ACL tear •    MCL tear •    Other knee injuries •    Broken arm, leg, ankle, or… Read More

How to Tell if Your Elderly Relative Is Being Restrained Against His Will

You may have heard about restraints being used in nursing homes and how more and more facilities are turning to tie-downs as a method of controlling their residents so they can cut back on the amount of staff they have to hire. Because you don’t want your elderly loved one subjected to this type of treatment, you probably want to know how you can tell if restraints are being used to control your relative. Some of the signs and symptoms… Read More

Bringing Attention to Workplace Eye Wellness During the Month of March

Many workers suffer eye injuries, partial vision loss, and full blindness as a result of workplace accidents. With March being Workplace Eye Wellness Month, we wanted to bring attention to the matter in order to promote eye protection in an effort to reduce eye injuries on the job. Because our vision is critical in everything we do from getting ready for work, to driving to work, and doing our work, it is important that we use the right eye protection… Read More

What Relatives and Babysitters Need to Know About Car Seat Safety

There are many times that parents need to leave their children with a relative, babysitter, or neighbor. Whatever the reason—date night, work, or an emergency—it is important that those who watch kids know about car seat safety in Florida. Since, car crashes are the number one cause of injuries and death to children, we urge those who watch kids to read this blog. Some of the people who frequently watch young kids are children’s grandparents. Because parents often trust grandma… Read More

What Are the Effects of a Brain Injury After a Motorcycle Collision in Fort Lauderdale

Motorcycle accidents occur every day around this nation. Sadly, brain injuries are one of the most common yet severe types of injuries motorcyclists sustain. While many motorcycle riders die from traumatic brain injuries, some motorcyclists are left to deal with the effects of a brain injury. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury in a Florida motorcycle crash, it is important that you understand the effects of a brain injury, including: Behavioral effects. Depending on the… Read More

Beware of Overloaded Buses Before Boarding a Motorcoach

Bus companies, just like other companies, are looking to make a profit. Unfortunately, sometimes, making money trumps passenger safety. While not all bus companies are bad, there are some bad motorcoach companies that cut corners and do things that are otherwise illegal just so they can make more money. One such thing is overloading buses. Because some bus companies want to make as much money as possible and sell as many tickets as they can, they load the bus with… Read More

New Study Reveals Newer Cars Are Safer in the Event of a Florida Car Crash

If you have been shopping for a car, you probably already know that newer cars have more bells and whistles than ever before. While there are more modern conveniences in cars now than those vehicles even a decade ago, there are also more advances in occupant protection. There’s no secret that newer cars are safer than older vehicles due to all the safety improvements, such as: Front airbags, Side-impact airbags, Electronic stability assist, Blind spot warning systems, Lane departure warning… Read More

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