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When a Slip and Fall Accident Occurs in a Dangerous Parking Garage in Florida

When you start up your car to drive somewhere, more than likely you end up pulling into a parking lot when reaching your destination. Whether you are going to work, the grocery store, department store, hotel, or other place, you will likely pull into a parking space. Not only can parking a car be challenging due to hazards such as pedestrians and cars reversing, but parking lots themselves can be dangerous, leading to slip and fall accidents. This is especially… Read More

Is Fear of Being Fired Preventing You from Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim in Florida?

Are you afraid of being fired following a workplace injury? You aren’t alone. According to a study from the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute, 39 percent of workers surveyed said they were worried about being laid off after a workplace injury, even though 60 percent of workers surveyed said they weren’t concerned about being fired. When workers suffer an on the job injury, they should report their injuries to their manager and file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits; however, many… Read More

Motorists Are in Danger of Tire Tread Off Big Rigs

It’s unfortunate, but large big rigs cause many drivers of smaller cars to crash. While some truck accidents in Florida occur as a result of a trucker’s aggressive maneuvers, other wrecks happen as a result of tire failure. When tires fail, the tires can blow and send pieces of tread flying through the air. Because tires on big trucks are quite large, the pieces of tread that are sent through the air are also pretty large. As a result, these… Read More

Who Is Behind the Wheel of a Wrong-Way Collision in South Florida?

When we get our driver’s license, we learn how to drive and about the rules of the road. Unfortunately, some drivers forget these things or choose to ignore driving rules and safety, which can lead to wrong-way accidents. Sadly, wrong-way crashes in Florida typically result in severe injuries, disabilities, and even fatalities. So, why would any driver want to drive in the wrong direction? Because wrong-way accidents are serious types of collisions, it doesn’t make sense that drivers would want… Read More

Cab Drivers in Florida May Be Driving Distracted and Putting Passengers at Risk

Because texting and driving is a nationwide epidemic, you have probably heard about the dangers associated with using your phone behind the wheel. As a result, you have chosen to drive call phone free so that you can keep your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and mind focused on driving. By doing this, you know that you are increasing your chances of staying safe and avoiding being in a crash. Because you are responsible driver, you may… Read More

What Is the Atmosphere Like at Your Loved One’s Nursing Home in Fort Lauderdale?

Most people want to live in a calm environment — one without tension, stress, frustration or tears. Unfortunately, many people aren’t able to live like this, as they have hostile home environments due to drunk or abusive spouses, for example. While everyone’s home life is different, the home life for nursing home residents should be pleasant. If you are planning to place your loved one in a nursing home in Fort Lauderdale, it is important that you observe the atmosphere… Read More

Highlighting Road Safety for Children in Florida

Did you know that every day thousands of children are injured and more than 500 children die in traffic collisions globally? This statistic is saddening, which is why child-related car crash fatalities need to be brought to the attention of traffic safety authorities. Consequently, the week of May 4 – 10 2015, is UN Global Road Safety Week—focusing on saving kids lives. Not only are kids vulnerable as passengers in cars, but they are most vulnerable as pedestrians. Unfortunately, many… Read More

Help Us Make Motorcycle Riding Safer During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Due to our climate and Florida having some of the best roadways in the nation, many people move here to ride motorcycles all year long.  Not only do people ride motorcycles for leisure and to take in the sights and enjoy the sunshine, but many people use them as a means of transportation and commute to work on motorcycles. As a result, Florida has over 590,000 registered motorcycles and more than a million drivers with a motorcycle endorsement on their… Read More

What All Drivers in Florida Should Know About Advanced Braking Systems

There have been many safety improvements to cars over the last half-century, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) continues to push automakers for even more advanced safety features in vehicles, through its New Car Assessment Program. Safety technologies such as advanced braking systems in vehicles are innovations that help save lives. While many new cars have this type of cutting-edge safety technology, many do not. For this reason, NHTSA is encouraging car manufacturers to adopt new technologies such… Read More

Understanding Repetitive Motion Injuries and Workers’ Comp in Florida

Many people go to work knowing what their day is going to be like. They know from the moment they walk in the doors what is expected of them that day and every other day for that matter. This is because they often perform the same task day in and day out. While this may sound wonderful to many people who have to deal with unexpected obstacles throughout the work day, it is no walk in the park. Many of… Read More

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