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Bringing Awareness to Alzheimer’s & Patients Living in Florida Nursing Homes with this Disease

Alzheimer’s is horrible disease that affects a person’s mind over time. Typically, Alzheimer’s comes on slowly – where loved ones start seeing changes in a family member. Maybe that loved one’s memory starts slipping, it’s hard for the person to perform routine tasks, the person has a difficult time remembering words, he or she starts misplacing things and gets lost, and the person is easily confused. Eventually, a person affected by Alzheimer’s can’t remember how to drive and how to… Read More

What Workers Need to Know About the Different Types of Radiation Exposure on the Job

Workers in many different types of industries can be exposed to radiation. Unfortunately, radiation – no matter the type – can cause serious injuries. Here are some types of radiation exposure that can arise in various occupations. Exposure to These 4 Types of Radiation Cause Workers Serious Injuries Ultraviolet radiation. This type of radiation injury can result from welding, as burns from welding are like horrible sunburns that can cause keratoconjunctivitis. Also, contact with photosensitizing chemicals can cause blisters and… Read More

What You and Your Family Should Know About Long-Term Care Planning

As seniors continue to age, they are faced with numerous health issues. Sadly, they aren’t always able to continue living independently. Consequently, they may need round the clock care as their health declines. This is why many elderly people move in with their families or move to assisted living facilities or nursing homes in order to get the care they need. The decline in health can come on suddenly and happen without warning, or it may be a gradual decline… Read More

What the Time Change Can Mean for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

It’s almost that time of year again — when we change the time on our clocks to ‘fall back’ one hour. This year, Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. on November 1, 2015. While the time change occurs every year around this time of the year, one thing people don’t realize is the danger it poses for pedestrians and bicyclists. When we change our clocks back one hour, the days seem shorter because it gets darker earlier. Unfortunately, work… Read More

Reminder Tips for How to Drive Safely Around Motorcycles

Motorcyclists in Florida get to enjoy riding almost every day of the year due to the wonderful weather and climate here; however, just because motorcycles can be found on the road year round in the Sunshine State doesn’t mean that other drivers remember they could be sharing the road with a small motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents happen all too often because drivers of passenger cars and trucks fail to look out for motorcycles, fail to check their blind spots before… Read More

Reducing School Zone Pedestrian Accidents

There are several ways in which children get to school, such as by car, bus, bicycle or walking. Unfortunately accidents occur with each mode of transportation — injuring and even killing innocent children attempting to attend school that day. In order to focus on the safety of kids walking to school, October 7, 2015 is known as Walk to School Day. Because many children walk to school — whether it is a block or a couple miles away, it is… Read More

Wrongful Death of Children Due to Furniture Tip-Overs

We find furniture in every room of the house from night stands to tall dressers and televisions. While they all serve a purpose, some pieces of furniture can actually be dangerous – especially to children. This is because when a piece of furniture tips-over, it can have the force of thousands of pounds and pose a serious hazard. While children often climb on furniture, some pieces of furniture cannot support a child climbing on it or tugging it. As a… Read More

Scaphoid Fractures: Some of the Most Common Cycling Injuries

Everyone who has ever rode a bike knows that cycling injuries are inevitable, which is why experienced cyclists know what to do in order to stay as safe as possible on two wheels. However, some injuries cannot be prevented. For example, when a car cuts a cyclist off or a driver opens a door directly into the pathway of a cyclist, it can cause a cyclist to fall. When cyclists fall, they often stretch out their arms to catch themselves.… Read More

Preventing a Fall Starts with 6 Steps

It’s shocking to think that one in three older adults (about 12 million people) in this nation fall every year. Also alarming is that every 13 seconds an elderly person visits the emergency department for a fall-related injury, according to the National Council on Aging (NCOA). While these statistics may make you feel like falls are inevitable due to aging, it is simply not true. Although many elderly people fall due to medications they are on and eyesight changes, most… Read More

Minor Traffic Accident Leads To Shooting Death In Central Florida

PORT ORANGE, Fla. – A minor traffic accident that took place in central Florida led to the shooting death of one man and the arrest of another man on a second-degree murder charge. According to police reports, 63-year-old Robert M. Gelles of Holly Hill was driving a van when he rear-ended a truck which was slowing down for a traffic light on Sunday afternoon. Gelles remained in his van when the truck driver got out to talk to him. It… Read More

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