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New Study Shows Driving Dangers Present After Using Hands-Free Technology

It seems everywhere you go you can see people talking on their phones or to their phones. Because of the new voice-activated technology, people can send voice-activated texts just by talking into their phone. While this seems relatively easy, it can still be a concern while driving. In fact, a new AAA study shows that hidden dangers of using voice-activated technologies from behind the wheel. While most everyone has heard by now of the dangers of texting and driving, some… Read More

Trucking Accident Injury Claims Are Often Due to Common Truck Driver Violations

When you are driving next to a big rig, does it ever cross your mind if the truck driver steering the large semi has had the proper sleep? Or maybe you wonder if the truck driver is medically fit to be driving a large truck. These thoughts probably cross your mind because large commercial trucks can be very dangerous to share the road with when truck drivers are sleepy, medicated, distracted, or otherwise negligent at the wheel. When truck drivers… Read More

The Takata Airbag Recall Continues to Grow and Affect More Cars and Drivers

When you get in your car, you expect that it will keep you as safe as possible in the event of a crash. After all, that’s why you bought a newer car. However, there have been many problems with newer vehicles lately that have caused injuries and fatalities. These incidents typically occur as a result of vehicles being manufactured without prioritizing consumers’ safety. Also, there are parts in vehicles that are outsourced to other manufacturers that could be the problem.… Read More

Drugged Driving: A Huge Concern on Our Roadways

It is a sad reality, but too many people’s lives are cut short due to impaired drivers. While most people think impaired driving refers to drunk driving, it is important to take note that it includes drugged driving too. There is a huge misconception that driving under the influence of marijuana is safer than driving while impaired by alcohol. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Drugged driving is just as serious and dangerous as drunk driving and is considered… Read More

When Cars Are Hacked, Drivers Are at Risk of Crashing

It seems we live in a day and age where carmakers believe drivers want to have vehicles that connect them to their phones and computers. As a result, automakers like Chrysler are basically turning vehicles into smartphones. There are several problems with that, such as drivers becoming more tempted to participate in distracting driving behaviors and hackers having the ability to gain access to a car’s computer system. Shockingly, hackers have gotten access to vehicle systems – putting drivers at… Read More

Slip and Fall Injuries Include Dislocated and Broken Jaws

When people fall as a result of spilled liquid, torn carpeting, or other dangerous conditions on others’ properties, they can suffer serious injuries – even injuries to the face. For example, many people suffer dislocated or broken jaws in slip and fall accidents. A dislocated jaw refers to a jaw that that has moved out of place at one or both joints where it connects to the skull and becomes unhinged from the skull. A broken jaw is a break… Read More

Wound Infections: Complications of Bicycle Accidents

When a car causes a bicyclist to crash, serious injuries can occur. Even if the bicyclist is fortunate to only suffer road rash and wounds, it can still be serious. This is because wounds can get infected and lead to serious health issues. A cyclist can suffer any of the following injuries that can lead to infections, including: Abrasions, such as scrapes on knees or other body parts. Lacerations, such as a jagged tear in the skin or a bone… Read More

Tie One On For Safety to Reduce Drunk Driving Crashes

While some people are sad to say goodbye to the summer months, many people welcome the fall and winter seasons because they know the holidays are right around the corner. For some, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are some of the most important holidays to celebrate. In fact, some people start planning their holiday parties and dinner menus months in advance. Although the holiday time causes people to think about the yummy desserts they get to have once a year… Read More

What Should I Do After an Injury if I Can’t Return to Work?

When work accidents occur that lead to serious injuries, oftentimes employees are so severely injured that they cannot return to work. When this happens, injured employees are likely to be worried about losing their jobs and paying their bills. As a result, work injuries cause employees to have a lot of questions about getting workers’ compensation benefits in Florida and how to keep receiving those benefits if they cannot return to work. Unable to Perform Work Due to On the… Read More

Drivers Who Are Looking in the Right Direction Can Still Be Distracted

Drivers are constantly being bombarded with technology and distractions while they are behind the wheel, which can lead to crashes. In fact, one of the main causes of car accidents nowadays is driver distraction. Drivers have many things distracting them from their main goal of driving, which is to drive from Point A to Point B safely. Distractions can include things like talking on cell phones — even hands-free devices — texting while driving, browsing the internet, talking with passengers… Read More

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