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Are Your Tires Registered for Recalls? They Might Not Be

Our tires are literally where the rubber meets the road. While it is critical to have a vehicle’s engine and transmission operational, good tires are also essential in order for a car to get from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately, many drivers aren’t ‘Tire Wise’ and often forget to check their tires for air pressure, tread depth, and age. When drivers fail to have their tires inspected and maintained regularly, tires can fail and actually cause car crashes. Although… Read More

Did You Experience a Slip and Fall Injury in a Store’s Restroom?

In the event you have to use the restroom when you are out in public, the restroom’s cleanliness might be of concern; however, it probably never crosses your mind that it could be a dangerous place. Unfortunately, restrooms at restaurants, coffee shops, stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, and at other public places have been the scene of many slip and fall accidents and injuries. When people wash their hands after using the restroom, they can spill liquid soap and drip water… Read More

When Theft Occurs Inside the Walls of Florida Nursing Home Facilities

Nursing home residents used to be given a great level of attention and care, but sadly it has gotten worse over the years due to overcrowded nursing homes and the lack of staff. With the flood of more senior citizens in need of constant medical care – as Baby Boomers are aging and flooding nursing homes and assisted living facilities – many nursing homes don’t seem to have the same level of commitment to their patients as they once did.… Read More

Find Out If Your Child Should Be Riding With or Without a Booster Seat

Because the safety of our children is of upmost importance, it is critical that parents make sure their kids are riding in booster seats or using safety belts correctly in vehicles – whether they are driven by themselves, other relatives, or by drivers they carpool with. Unfortunately, many children are using seat belts when they should be riding in booster seats, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). While this might not sound like that big of deal… Read More

Reducing Drowsy Driving Truck Accidents: Truck Drivers to Log Their Time Electronically

Because drowsy driving amongst truck drivers continues to be a safety issue threatening innocent motorists on the road, a new federal rule could help reduce drowsy driving crashes. Although it doesn’t take place until December 16, 2017, a new log rule will require truck drivers to log their time on-duty electronically instead of with paper logs. When paper logs are used, truck drivers can lie. While not all truck drivers lie in their paper log books, paper logs can be… Read More

Defective Bicycles Can Put Riders at Risk of Accidents and Injuries

When you purchase a bicycle, you probably did so with one thing in mind – riding. It probably never crossed your mind that bicycles can be made poorly or have design defects that could lead to a bicycle accident and serious injuries. Although rare, this has been the case from time to time, and was recently brought to light again in the news. Over one million bicycles have been recalled by 13 different manufacturers due to a quick release issue.… Read More

One of These 2016 Safest Cars Might Reduce Your Car Accident Risk

Most of the time car accidents occur because drivers are negligent and participating in texting while driving, another form of distracted driving, drowsy driving, aggressive driving, or impaired driving. However, from time to time, vehicles have been known to be the cause of crashes due to break downs from poor maintenance or manufacturing defects. This is why it is very important to have a safe and reliable car to drive. While many people can help keep their older cars in… Read More

Are Dental Injuries Covered Through Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Getting teeth knocked out at work doesn’t happen every day, but when it does happen, injured workers need to know that that their dental injury might be covered under workers’ compensation. In fact, any injury at work should be reported to a superior in case an injured employee chooses to submit it to the company’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier and file a claim for damages. Damages involving dental injuries related to workplace accidents can include: Compensation for medical bills. This… Read More

Pregnant Women Can Suffer Serious Consequences After a Slip and Fall Accident

When a woman gets pregnant there are so many concerns she already has on her mind regarding her baby’s health. Typically, the thought of falling isn’t one of those concerns; however, many pregnant women do fall during those nine months. This is because women who are pregnant often suffer from center of gravity changes due to the growing belly and relaxation of soft joints. These changes plus inner ear changes during pregnancy do lead many pregnant women to fall. However,… Read More

Study Finds Nursing Home Infection Rates Rising

When your loved one enters a nursing home to be cared for, that’s exactly what you expect – good care. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents are neglected and not cared for how they should be. As a result, the infection rates have risen in nursing homes in this nation, according to a study reported by HealthDay News. The study on nursing home infection rates was conducted by a team at the Columbia University School of Nursing, and led by author… Read More

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